Top Five tips to making your plant bloom like a big garden beauty

1. It plants slow, takes time to become established and flowers all year. You can only grow one at a time.

2. Get a container with drainage holes.

3. Thoroughly water it once a week when you water the houseplants.

4. Give the plant a bath every time it gets damp, in your very dry kitchen sink, once a month if you are working with the houseplants. This will eliminate the flower infection.

5. Save the leaves. Refuse to chop them or cut them up, they make a great container plant cover or container plants and give you a cushion if possible.

6. Thoroughly clean it every once in a while and let it air dry it.

7. Put it in a sink or bucket of water to cool it down and allow it to dry out.

8. Crush it open so it breathes.

These only five tips of a root for a thriving ornamental, something that is not supposed to be around. Do not be afraid if it is a thriving little plant that lives in a cup, in a bathtub or in your kitchen sink or you place it in a makeshift potting system, eating breakfast with it, not afraid if it leaves you with it’s litter in your flowerbed…it is alive and growing, and it is perfect for you, doing well for all of you.

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