Using Water Fountains in Your Garden – The Accuracy Of Watering Your Plants

Watering plants uses water. It is quite normal for us to have a garden in our yard, usually in an area in front of the house or in a terrace. If you are planning to do this and you have a unit in your garden that can be used as a water fountain, it is easier to use the hose but with this you will need to know how to properly water your plants. There are several ways you can water your plants.

Accurate Watering of Plants

Once you have checked out the pots you have, you should be able to draw up the ones that contain all the necessary plants and herbs that can be enjoyed in your garden. Then, you need to give your plants a normal watering, taking care of just the surface and not the roots. Use distilled water, and be sure that you do not use too much or not enough of it. Do not turn the hose on the lower water level when your plant is in shade. It will cause dehydration and harm to your plants. Water your plant for a minimum of 30 minutes. Dry down the soil with two or three towels before watering. The towel will trap in the water and will help reduce the amount of water evaporating from the soil. The water spray from the hose also benefits the plants if you are to water in the afternoon.

Potting Gloves

Potting gloves prevent excess water from escaping to the soil and watering the roots. There are two types of gloves – the looseness gloves and the firm gloves. Begin by removing the potting or preparing the soil for planting. Apply the soft hand towel to the soil and then try to loosen it enough. Place the one palm on the soil and then, using one thumb or index finger, loosen the soil by gently moving it up and down. If your soil is very compacted, instead of loosening it it is better to break it up by breaking the palms apart. Once you have a good surface on which to use a towel, place the cloth over the soft soil. Add some liquid fertilizer such as perlite to your work surface. When the container has softened, it is time to apply the fertilizer to the soil. In order to avoid being over treated by the fertilizer, dampen your hand lightly. Then, wash the surface of the soil with either a damp washcloth or a damp brush. After the soil has dried, place the potting glove over it and then perform the proper watering.

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