Vichy House Pest’s Rare Plants Edible Fountain

Rare Plants Edible Fountain

If you’re looking for rare/reproduce varieties of a garden perennial then this is the one for you! Wild roses, for example, are few and far between! If you love wild flowers, or if your looking for new gardening techniques, this is one to watch!

Plants that are rare and replicable are indeed the special treasures of horticulture. Gardeners all around the world are shocked and excited at finding this wild and unknown plant for the garden! Most wild species are not known as Garden plants and are not easily replicable. For example, a a vibrant purplish wild rose is extremely rare and only found in small patches around some of the more remote places of the world.

Get a warm spot where cool weather won’t freeze your plants – an outdoor bathtub, terrarium, bowl, or pot works just fine! For the most part, the plant grows into a leafy ground cover.

– The flowers are pale or very pale, but often there is pink or red cherry on the stem.

– After flowering, the flowers are larger and the plant will usually keep blooming for at least 2 months.

– The flowers are foraged and cleaned and are usually one or two-inch tall.

– The leaves are dark green and generally are curled down.

– Eventually, if you leave them to dry, they turn to a mottled charcoal color.

One of the most rewarding parts of a new wild plant is the fact that it can be quite easy to grow. For a tiny little vine, the plant is very self-sufficient. You won’t need to use fertilizer, a screw-top soil mold, or other significant chemical herbicides when you start growing wild plants! All you need to do is water it and let it grow.

What’s an interesting fact about wild plants? New wild plants are found somewhere between 65 and 75% of the time. Not only do wild plants, but newly discovered species appear everywhere and so every garden area is fertile to be found a wild plant.

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