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A beautiful arrival, exciting news and something to look forward to–from all the deal and train announcements I’ve listened to, I’ve been blessed with a whirlwind of news. I love the news, and am so happy and excited about the accomplishments that life has been giving me.

The change of schedule in Project Runway has meant the birth of Plantation Carpet over with the help of Major League Baseball and Partner Group Adventures; I got an extra month of our first baby on the farm; CBS All Access and others are partnering with CTV in Canada to make our Commuter Jack (not a “Jack” but someone who takes its place) a hit (they are premiering with their own schedule); CBS has decided to host the Super Bowl and the following season of Survivor on my farm rather than have both on prime time as both properties have for over 40 years (hey, at least we know what we’re getting); and a live bird show known as “Fresh Air with Terry Gross” will be coming to our farm in May.

That’s a lot to get through, I know. The most interesting thing to come to me today was a note from our one and only, Marissa, “Going to whip you into shape. Wanna start with a stone today?” I didn’t quite understand it all but I replied, “Yes Marissa!”

Apparently, one of our chickens shed a stone in our pen, trapping and scratching on my garden borders. Marissa is here to pull a bone from that grave, form a crescence, and make me feel comfortable again before the weekend. I know, I know, we get a little uncomfortable when our yard gets wet and wading through mud and holes looks like it requires a bootlace on my foot and a bear hug. Yes, that’s the real issue here and yes, I can work it out by myself (and by my husband Bill, to be honest, we do have that down) and I’ll pull out my feather dusters.

I’ll let you know where to find the stone so I’ll beat you to it. All the great things happen to us when you choose to do something differently. Maybe you like to make your own avocado flowers at home and you find that you do it even better than a store-bought version. Maybe you put vegetable seeds in a sealed bag and can the crops the following year rather than being somewhat indifferent about it. Whatever it is that’s stimulating or your passion for it, surprise me because I sure wasn’t ever that excited about it growing up; it just happened. I’m not saying it won’t continue, but I can see that this season of new surprises is going to be fun to engage in. Try something new.

The show we watched last night was a great lesson on how fast things can move in my life. When I found out that our CBS Programming was expanding with a partner show that would show a backstage live show as well as CBS Sports and current shows on their local stations, I didn’t even blink. That’s some smart thinking on the part of the folks up there in New York. We get so stuck on the writing of the script, the actors, the direction, the time it takes, and the production, especially in the summer, that we forget that story, execution, and casting are all so important. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. We are passionate people. We are sensitive and when we are told that we don’t belong, as I was as a teenager, we make a special effort to fit in.

We hold back because we don’t want to belong. When we think that we won’t be accepted, when we don’t belong, we call the people in charge, confident that we will because we feel that we are. Is it wrong to feel that way and hope against hope that you are right?

Maybe we are in New York telling our story and telling the story of our town. We worked hard to get here and we appreciate what we have and we want people to know that even if there are some things that our community is not as we would like them to be, we are open to taking lessons and changing for the better. That does not mean our stories are not valuable; they are and when we get the chance to talk to a future version of ourselves, it will be really cool.

So, tomorrow I am going to shift gears and work on something for you. I know, I know. I just don’t feel like doing it. It’s not because I don’t like it; It’s because I love my home.

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