We Need A Lot Of Heirloom And Takoyama Plants In Our Garden!

We all know about the Heirloom Garden and the popular gardenia plants like the New Jersey Bluebell. After all, every garden should boast of one if not more Heirloom or flowering plants that make it special. Here are a few types of fresh bonsai and takoyama plants to add to your beautiful garden.

String of gumdrops (Cunix)

Cunix, located in Japan, is a pretty flowering ground cover that lights up the garden with its ethereal softness. With brilliant pinks, rich oranges, reds, and a rose-pink blush, these flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds, ensuring the sweet fruit in your garden will keep flowing.

String of small Japanese nasturtiums (Erythritus serrulata)

This perennial Japanese flower is absolutely gorgeous with its familiar blue and yellow petals. Its heavy thorny stems with spikes of petals that end in yellowish-white flowers bring together the light and dark, keeping the garden tidy and dainty.

String of large broad beans (C. guerrillensis)

These beautiful white, black, and green flowers on these thick, fat beans accent the plants of your garden. For a truly charming display, tie the beans in the string so that the entire plant is highlighted in the memory.

String of toyon (Petasitella vulgaris)

These curvy orange and white flowers glow with a warmth that adds a sweet touch to the garden of the fresh flower enthusiast. Adorning the string for a long lasting display is an excellent way to ensure the cherry blossom in your garden appears as you expect it to.

String of almond blossoms (T. albertina)

The abundance of candy white and pink blossoms blooms on these cutting edge plant are most impressive once the blossoms start to break off. This compact and bold flower can also grow to 9 feet in length, making it the perfect plant for a mini garden in your backyard.

String of coral, pear, and peony (A. hilla)

The vivid pink and yellow flowers add a burst of color to the garden, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. This beautiful flower is known for its fragrant scent that goes on for days as it blooms. To add more blossom coverage to your garden, cutt toenails length ways and have the finished flower attached in the string.

String of tall asparagus (H. vulgareoides)

Even if you live far away from the coast, this bright yellow pincushion is sure to show off the lush and lovely colors of your garden. This tall plant blooms on several types of high branches, which add to its height and form in the garden.

String of potted strawberry (Heptanyx petroxalus)

These thick flowers in white and red making them reminiscent of strawberry bars are a feast for the eyes. Once in bloom, these tend to attract hummingbirds who join this pretty flower in the garden.

String of miniature Lotus trees (H. Agama)

The slender pineapple-style flowers are tipped with large green flowers and give the two leaves of this small, humble plant more oomph. Getting into the spirit of the season, tie these tall and slender dwarf trees in a row or string them across the garden to create a striking display.

String of ivy (H. ivy catalana)

These sleek, sturdy plants with hanging, leafy leaves can spread up to 8 feet in length, which makes them perfect for our small backyard but still stylish enough to show off. In addition to beautiful botanical form, these ancient plants also act as a cool, place to plant your plants for your summertime or future.

String of petunias (Laurelella annata)

These tiny, tender petunias flower like their older cousins, but by all measures, their flowers are significantly less attractive. This is the perfect way to start your garden alive.

String of aralia (Vesperimosanus acima)

These classic red flowers are literally bursting with blossom in every direction, adding a lush bold contrast to the rest of the garden.

String of vegetable (Variegata)

These roundish white flowers bloom on large leaves as they fall to the ground. These plants provide excellent tasting greens for your garden and a source of food for your household.

String of bonsai (Variegata davidii)

Bonsai comes from a Japanese word meaning the gift of the temple garden, and these ancient bonsai are literally delivering the ancient gifting to the rest of the world.

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