Weekly Gardening Podcasts for Adoptive Grugers

1. So you are an avid gardener but don’t like being handed books or information. Add these programs to your gardening schedule to empower yourself to take back your destiny.

Garden Health Podcast (H2T): April Besley is a botanist and horticulturalist who specializes in vegetable gardening with the goal of preventing dangerous diseases and pests while increasing the biodiversity of the plants in your garden. This podcast has been the go-to program for the gardener for the past decade. She covers topics like: how to remove pests, grow healthy and useful plants, how to remove and fertilize crop diseases, weeds and pests, and using many common household items like dish detergent to fertilize your plants. A simple question can get a lengthy response. An expert in vegetable gardening, she explains each plant’s specific need in terms of water needs, nutrients and so much more. Her famous prank answer could be thought of as an inspiration for all your gardening questions.

Castaways With Caroline (BT): Caroline McManus started the podcast as a hobby and a short while later made a go of it. Since making it up, she’s received tons of attention and praise for her smart answers to gardening related questions. Currently she’s got at least 10,000 subscribers and counting. While this is a podcast primarily focused on gardening, it has interviews with top experts in all sorts of fields from dermatology to dentistry to psychology to yoga and meditation. Questions include: “I want to grow awesome peppers but my sprouts are small and not too tasty” and “my backyard is the worst!”

#AskCaroline: Every episode of #AskCaroline has at least one question about gardening. You can always feel free to tune in to this free, always updated podcast for lots of gardening wisdom.

“Land’s Away” is by Paul May (YouTube), American gardening guru Paul May is a retired general contractor who brings fresh ideas and practical ways to keep our landscapes healthy and beautiful. To read more about Paul’s technique for garden maintenance, check out his book titled “American Gardener’s Companion.” A retired professional autopenter, Paul often travels all over the U.S. to share his knowledge about landscaping. For a real glimpse into gardening for serious gardeners, check out his YouTube show “Land’s Away.” Throughout the podcast Paul answers questions from people who want to know how to improve their gardens. While he does dabble in actual plant recommendations, for the most part he discusses the most common techniques people use in their gardens.

Your Garden Is Your Office Podcast (whomamag.com) makes everyday chores more enjoyable. Adam Gluck (Producer) started his podcast after realizing that, given the variety of activities we all engage in, our outdoor living spaces could be more than just a hobby. The great thing about his show is that it is a half-hour long and you don’t have to leave the office or the station to tune in. Guests on the show usually range from tradespeople to teachers and experts in their respective fields. With the topics ranging from lawn maintenance and mulching techniques to building your own house, everyone is in for an entertaining show.

Steven McInerney (poppyhivetv.com) specializes in marketing and selling outdoor and home decor products. Anyone who creates furniture or other outdoor furniture knows all about creating a crafty product using local materials. Steven teaches you how to create similar craft projects for your home by setting up a “grass yard” in his office and providing heaps of materials. The grand finale is a live drawing for a cool prize. He starts off the podcast by explaining how to get started with crafting simple items like seedling reeds and pine needle vases. He’ll teach you how to set up the porch project, how to make a good foundation for any porch, and then offer expert advice on what items you need in order to make sure you’re ready for good weather.

For more information, or to listen to the podcasts, go to: www.inventivability.com and the timestamp of the podcasts is 366147814.html.

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