Welcome to the Winter Edition of my Houseplants Column!

February 11, Flaming Katy: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Indoor Plant Care Flaming Katy is typically considered the Winter Edition of the Weekly Houseplants Gardening Column! This is the Winter Edition thanks to a plant so delightful I can’t wait to find new places to bring it into my house. But, sometimes, magic happens – something grows – something that makes me think maybe my story will be a play, like Hamlet, or a movie, like Gone with the Wind. Perhaps this plant will teach me, like Tami Hooper taught me about night primrose, and Tupac taught me about wild rue. You get the idea. RELATED – My favorite houseplants Whatever it is – it’s marvelous to see! – Take a moment, this is flamed Katy – the spectacular flowering Kalanchoe brunfeldiana – for which, once again, I will mention. Winter is a great time to visit the Petaluma Dunes State Beach. It is a great place to view the beaches and get a swim or two (or three). The beach is a state park, so it is supported by the state. But, it is privately owned. That means rent is by the yard, and it can be a bit fiddly, when dealing with pool equipment (as if that can be packed!). It is only a bit: you can have a picnic with all your gear, but the towels and shoes have to be in storage, and the pool is in one of those little stroller / mini-boating hut type trailers. There are some real seals: real beautiful male dolphins and females. I found them visiting an artist’s hut, where they had just hung out (with a dab, of course) a painting (it must have been nice), and they were dipping in and out of the sea – looking for some fish! You may find them using this nearby area of the beach – or a few of the surrounding beaches – or even along the shorelines of several nearby places. In fact, any place with ocean views is a good spot to see seals. READ MORE About flaming Katy at flailingville.com.

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