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Fiddle Leaf fig tree has a wide range of caring care tips to keep them healthy and happy. This one of the most frequently asked questions about this type of tree is caring for the extra set of leaves surrounding the tree trunk. And if you are not sure about that, you can learn more from the experts here at Invincible House Plants.

What Are Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves?

Here’s how they are different from the cedars of Lebanon. Fiddle Leaf fig leaves are probably a bit sweeter, have a little stubs in their ends, and have a white (or white green) underspeeds on them. They vary from 3 to 10 inches in diameter. To cut down its foliage there are any number of methods.


You can remove a small piece or all the leaves to keep the fig tree alive. Use a sharp knife or a blunt end tool like a hedge trimmer. If you have too many leaves, you can cut them all down.

Prepping the Decomposition Time

This time of year should be used for the health of the Fiddle Leaf fig. Usually, it’s around the 1st of September or the beginning of October to start cutting down the extra foliage. Its main job is to increase moisture, since it will be dried out throughout winter.

Growing – If You’re Going to Maintain it

This is going to be the most interesting thing about caring for the extra leaves of this tree. First, make sure it’s trimmed properly. If it’s not, and the foliage was cut at a certain height, you can remove this further.

Best Modalities

There are various techniques for reducing the amount of the Fiddle Leaf fig leaf in your life. The main one is pruning. And there’s no one technique that will give you the results you want.


Basically, your main concern is to keep the tree healthy and alive. Anything you have to do to make it easy for you to care for it while keeping it healthy is a good thing. For example, water it daily, put mulch on it so it doesn’t become dry, and protect it from wind and sun. It’s not worth dying over if you have to lose all of the leaves to make it last that long.


The cut at the bottom of the tree, like they say, takes care of everything. It takes the bark off of all the branches and allows them to see sunlight. If you want to cut any of the extra leaves, you can use a sharp knife. It’s not sterile, which is why you want to be safe so you don’t spread diseases onto the ground. But if you’re interested in doing this, you should be safe because you use a local deciduous pruner.


The goal here is to keep the Fiddle Leaf fig tree healthy and happy by doing what is known as thinning or pruning the leaves or about the time of year. That leaves you to prune down everything else.

Watch the Steps

Make sure you know when to go and when to stay. During pruning, make sure you let the foliage hang over the ground and not the roots. It’s going to get wet, but you don’t want that to damage the tree root. Then, as it’s falling down, don’t attempt to retrieve it by grasping it in your hand. Or even if you do get it in your hand, try not to break it. If you have to break it you should just cut it off or dig it out.

It’s a good rule of thumb to know it’s pruning time and to have a plan for your cuts. As you see what happens, you can plan out on how to handle it later.

This is another article that can easily be updated for any additional information and procedures. We’re always happy to help you out in your day-to-day lives.

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