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Details Matter

A Houseplant’s leaves need care to keep them beautiful and healthy year after year. You can’t let those vibrant leaves go to waste. And don’t even think about reusing them as a plant pot after they die!

Growing different Houseplants

Choose your favorite: natural, faux, or hybrid Houseplants in a variety of colors and shapes. Start by selecting a location that works for you. If a room usually gets a lot of afternoon sun, a compact climber like the one pictured above is a great choice.

Keep your Houseplant a clean, tidy place. Test your Plant’s water supply by stirring the water twice with your finger, and if a substance like mold is formed, it is time to add more. Also, if you didn’t notice there was a small “dead spot” in the bottom of the pot, turn it upside down and gently clean the soil with a soft cloth, or use a water hose to avoid the problem.

Learn more about Houseplants and enjoy this fun Houseplant Care YouTube video!

A Seed

A fresh Plant Seed and Aloe Gumboots can be found at the nature shop at your local Whole Foods.

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